December 21, 2018
Dr. Gail Weingast completed her basic medical training and from there she founded and developed her career while she worked at Colorado General Hospital. It was here that she worked in several different positions in a variety of departments. During this time, she was able to both improve her medical abilities, but also to develop what kind of doctor she wanted to be. Today, Dr. Gail Weingast is a radiology specialist at William W. Backus Hospital, in Norwich, Connecticut. As the Chief of Ultrasound and Breast Imaging she is able to help guide the department using the knowledge and skills she gained at Colorado General Hospital.
June 15, 2018
Before settling into her current position at William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut, where she has been for more than 20 years now, Dr. Gail Weingast worked at several other hospitals, mostly in Colorado, as well as a few in New York. Finally, she ended up becoming a highly regarded radiology specialist at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut. More than that, she is that hospital’s Chief of Ultrasound and Breast Imaging, where she has worked to transform her department into one of the most important radiology departments in New England the the country.

It is true that Dr. Gail Weingast’s path to her current position wasn't always a straight line, but she values everything she did along the way because all of her experiences have had a role in forming her into the important radiology specialist she has become. For example, after medical school, Dr. Weingast did an internship and residency in pediatrics, as well as a residency in radiology and a fellowship in ultrasound at Colorado General Hospital in Denver, and then completed her studies as a radiologist at St. Anthony’s Hospital, also in Denver, by 1984. It’s all invaluable.